Dr. Frances H. Arnold, received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on directing the evolution of enzymes. We’ve collaborated with Nature to honor the work of Dr. Arnold in a special edition, dedicated to her work.

”Novozymes has been inspired by Dr. Arnold’s pioneering work in this field,” says Claus Crone Fuglsang, Chief Science Officer at Novozymes. ”Even at the time when she first came out with her work on directed evolution, Novozymes was inspired to evolve some of our enzymes, especially in our Household Care industry for use in laundry detergents, where nature doesn’t necessarily produce the variants that are stable and work under the artificial conditions that humans create when we use them”

Directed evolution has enabled scientists at Novozymes to mimic nature in the laboratory, over a matter of days, compared to millions of years.

Inspired by her research, we can accelerate our innovation to help us discover better enzymes for developing new, biology-driven industrial processes. Among these, we have already discovered solutions to combat acrylamide in food, enable low-lactose yoghurt, and help garments last longer.

Directed evolution, helped Novozymes develop the technology to wash our clothes at much lower temperatures today.

Find out more about how Novozymes uses directed evolution in the development of new biological solutions.