HelloScience is an open innovation network and digital platform that wants to take big steps towards solving problems related to the UN global goals.

Emilie Stage Tingskou, Director of Incubation Development & Excellence, who leads the HelloScience project, and Claus Crone Fuglsang, SVP of Research & Technology, share the aims and ambitions of the network.

What is the goal behind HelloScience?

Emilie: We wanted to address the start-up communities and small innovation communities, but they are hard to find. Most companies would head out and try meet these communities at industry conferences, but we needed a place where we could speak directly to them.

Claus: We hoped to create an innovation environment where we can build on each-other’s ideas and reach solutions to complex problems. For example, when we talk about reducing the emission of phosphates through wastewater, it requires adding several technologies to reach a full solution.

Why focus on water scarcity?

Emilie: It’s an important area globally, and Novozymes can help create solutions that we believe will aid in solving societal problems and build better lives.

Claus: Lack of access to clean drinking water is a significant problem in developing countries. UNICEF estimates 18,000 people, mostly kids, die from infections from contaminated water every year. No rapid testing method is available today, but we know that some of the technology we work with today in our labs, can help solve this problem

What do you expect to learn from the start-ups working with Novozymes?

Claus: For start-ups, success stands and falls with the work they are doing at any given moment, so they have a high level of agility and adaptability. When priorities change, their company changes with them. There is much to be learned from the start-up environment about inspiring innovation and taking it forward