Our 2017 annual report was highlighted by Reportwatch as the no. 1 best practice on “Digital Reporting” as well as “Goals, Targets, Outlook”. Strategic Communications Manager and project lead, Anja Berg Winther, gives her top tips for an award-winning annual report:

  1. Start early – and involve your top management early in the process. Their insights are key to the final product, so involving them early is key. They are some of the few people who will read your annual report from cover to cover, and they often have some very good ideas, regardless of which areas of the business they are from.
  2. Work integrated – if you want to produce a report that covers both financial and non-financial aspects in a well- balanced manner, make sure you create a working structure that allows for equal input from Finance, Sustainability/CSR and Investor relations, or even the commercial function(s) in your business. But keep the core team small enough to feed with two pizzas and get to know each other well enough that you want to spend long hours together.
  3. Think of a surprise. What is the Easter egg for your audience? Where will they feel that they’ve received insight – or an experience through your annual report that they couldn’t have found elsewhere? Find a way to present it in an untraditional way.